Iran as a rather coastal country, is located near the Persian Gulf. It has many rivers such as Karun. The Karun river is the biggest in Iran. Many cities and towns are located in coasts of the Karun river. Gar-Gar is a branch of the Karun which passes through cities like Shoushtar. This river has tall stone walls in coasts. The route of this river is direct in Shushtar domain; Therefore sedimentation and coastal destruction aren’t notable there. In this paper as following a project and measurement, the importance of factors for minimizing coastal destruction would be resulted and studied. Variation of deby in months of year and in different years is related to considering hydraulics and hydrology parameters and this point would be highlighted in this paper.

Key-words: Shoushtar, Gar-Gar, sedimentation, coastal destruction, Iran

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Mosaddad S. M.
Dahanzade B.
Mosaddad S. H.
Garmanjani A.
Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch,Tehran, Iran
Islamic Azad University, Shoushtar branch, Shoushtar, Iran



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